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The Sleeping Cricket, an entity that feeds on nightmares, investigates bizarre nightmares that some people in town have been having. During the infiltration, he learns of a women in red that has been messing with the dreamers.

* Demo Includes the five first battles

Controls are in the README file. This is still being tested, so if there's any sort of suggestion, please do contact me about it.

Updates of the version 0.4.1: 

* New tileset made for the third area, now named Sunken Shrine, to make it similar to a water-filled Shinto Shrine.
* Boss 2 and 3 have new dialog panels
* Boss 4 and 5 were added to the demo
* Boss 4's attacks were updated. Some were changed, some simply had their name changed.
* Boss 4's dialog panels updated and use a new art
* Boss 4's room has a new tileset and decorations to match the "dance club + castle" theme of it
* Boss 5's attacks were all changed, they now focus on spamming sources for bullets
* Boss 5's room has a new tileset and decoration
* All Bosses now have an animation played where all the bullets are slowly destroyed when defeated * Game no longer needs to be installed, just needs to be executed
* Audio for Bosses 2, 3 and 4 updated
* The Sleeping Cricket's dialog panels were upgraded


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I'm more then willing to attempt future tries of this title of course but as of currently my bullet hell skills is subpar and as a result of such, I am not in the level of caliber I'd prefer to be in these stakes of course. Regardless, I did have fun with the last time I attempted this title, albeit annoyed due to my lack of bullet hell experience of course.